30. 10. 2012.

UNESCO - Škocjan Caves, Slovenia

Skocjan Caves is a cave system in Western Slovenia - this exceptional system of limestone caves comprises collapsed dolines, some 6 km of underground passages with a total depth of more than 200 m, many waterfalls and one of the largest known underground chambers.
The system of subterranean passages, fashioned by the Reka River, constitutes a dramatic example of large-scale karst drainage. The river enters the Škocjan grotto in an underground passage 350 m long, reappearing in the bottom of a 150 m deep and 300 m long chasm, before disappearing into a passage 2 km long. The system of grottos is rich in speleofauna; the underground galleries hold five species of wintering bat.

Everything about these caves sounds so grand and amazing, and I wasnt aware of it until I started collectiong Unesco sites! For some reason Postojna Cave was always so familiar but the other Slovenian caves...and there seems to be many for such a relatively small country. I think I am not done with visiting Slovenia! Hvala puno Tamara :))

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