23. 07. 2015.

Rue De Birague Café

Another Parisian café sent from Finland, while a song about daydreaming is playing on the radio...
With special moomin postmark

16. 07. 2015.

Café Cat, Paris 1975

One of the favourite cards I've received lately, also because it is kind of personal...Kiitos Marko ;) You see, I dream of owning my own cafe, and lately the thought has been visiting my mind more frequently, so much so I am looking at the legal predispositions. Exactly this kind of cafe, though you can't see much of it, but can imagine the quaint parisienne air about it...The cat of course is a bonus, and cat cafes are quite a craze these days :) I have stumbled upon one in Bangkok quite accidentally..! Hmm why not add a photo? This lady is taking a good care of the little ones :)