16. 02. 2022.

Cork, Ireland

Ahh bless me, thinking all those months ago that I'll be more active with postcrossing and/or blogging. There have been a few swaps, alas the low number is not due to covid, but rather due to extortionate postage prices. Since those prices almost doubled in Croatia a few years back I have mainly been using my stash of stamps, which is running seriously low now...I want to arrange a few more swaps for the 22-02-2022 date, and then we'll se what happens next. I have so many unused postcards it borders a crime.

Anyways! They call Cork 'the city of steps and steeples'. Its been almost a year since I left it behind and I haven't regretted it (yet) as it was just too tough for a newbie. What I did like about it were the numerous coffee shops, book stores, large green parks, and of course TK Maxx 💀👻😅. In a normal situation it would be a decent place to live, I gather. I found oodles of great Irish postcards but not many showing Cork. This one is a good representation of the main sites: Blarney Castle, Shandon Bells & Tower, Saint Finn Barre's Cathedral, and St. Patrick Street.