31. 01. 2014.

Bled Castle, Slovenia

I visited the Bled Lake early this month but didn't send any postcards...as I have quite a few in my collection already, also this one is the shape of a postal stamp which I've posted the 1st time around, in 2007. As it happens we accidentaly witnessed a wedding, and I can totally understand that someone would choose such a picturesque place for such an occasion :)
This time we've tried the traditional slovenian cream cake, really delicious!! There was a cheesecake too ;)

19. 01. 2014.

UNESCO - Ancient Building Complex In The Wudang Mountains, China


New blog entry at last! And once again inspired by Viridian's stamps blog :) This week's theme is pets, and I have recently received this wonderful Unesco postcard with very cute cat stamps on the back :)) They are from a set of four issued in 2013.
The postcard shows the Purple Cloud Temple or Purple Heaven Palace, Zixiao Palace, or...I have found a few names..! In any case looks like a wonderful place to visit. As any Chinese Unesco site. Or any Unesco site. Or any place in China...what, I want to see everything! Thank you Elsa for this great piece of mail :))

05. 01. 2014.

Winter Olympic Games In Sochi

I havent really planned to post this...but when I saw the theme for Sunday Stamps I remember receiving a postcard with a wonderful mini-sheet dedicated to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, and was sure it has been scanned and waiting in one of the many postcrossing folders...searched everything top to bottom twice, and no sign of it! grr. But as it happens, I have stumbled upon another Sochi stamp (on a vintage-reprint postcard), and two of the three animal mascots, so here they are :)

Looooots of great Winter Olympics stamps on the other blogs!

01. 01. 2014.

Happy New Year 2014 - Remember To Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life!

Wishing you all happiness, health and smiles in the new year, may it be much better than the last one :)))
And of course loooooots of great mail from all the corners of this wonderful earth!
(ok i wish the initial image of the video wasn't so gloomy..!)