22. 01. 2023.

Föhr, North Frisia

I have worked on the North Frisian island of Föhr for six months, and only towards the end have I realised that I haven´t sent but a few postcards from there - and when I came home, that I haven´t sent a single view card..! Oh how silly, honestly.

Föhr is the second largest of the North Frisian Islands on the German coast of the North Sea - which are all popular tourist destinations for Germans. Being settled already in neolithic times, Föhr had been a part of mainland North Frisia until 1362, when the coastline got destroyed by a heavy storm flood known as Saint Marcellus´s flood, and several islands were formed. The northern part of the island consists mainly of marshes, and the southern part of sandy geest (gravelly soil with heathland vegetation).

A dialect of the North Frisian language called Fering is still spoken there; there are still many Uthland-Frisian type of farmhouses to be seen or even visited; and the traditional costumes can still be seen worn for special occasions - like confirmation, which I rushed to see because of it. It is really an enjoyable and surprisingly unique corner of the earth. However it takes getting used to being dependant on the hourly ferries, which then dock in a minor harbour and you need to take a further train, and usually yet another train to get to a place of interest. On some days off I spent more time on the public transport than at the visiting point 😅 still managed a postcard or two, as will be seen in my future posts.