28. 04. 2011.

Red Panda & Royal Wedding, Australia

What an awesome surprise from Heather: my first red panda card (yaaay!) AND the royal wedding stamps, am stoked! thank you very much for this grin-inducer :)
Tonight there's a movie on TV about how prince William & Kate met and what they went through up to the point of the wedding being announced. And tomorrow of course is a big day! I am not a fan of flash weddings in general - but this has many more connotations, and will be interesting to watch for sure. I'll peek around the corner :D

19. 04. 2011.

Dinosaurs & Kotovasiya

 I have arranged a private swap with Maria from Russia - found a dinosaur card (for my slowly growing extinct species collection) and Kotovasiya (which could easily become my next collection!) i think the dinosaur card is very atmospheric; i like the fact that it depicts a scene, and the sepia tones have always been close to my heart :)

Kotovasiya cards are so cool! There is not a particular elaboration and/or grandness about them - they are simply cute and soothing to look at. what surprised me is that the card is soft to the touch too :)
The stamps Maria used is a complete set (on two cards) 'Culture of Russia People - National Hair Dress' - i think they are absolutely wonderful! i have consenquently checked russian mail & stamps online and discovered that they print some of the most amazing stamps i've ever seen :)

Thai Farmers

Some days ago i've received this wonderful card from beam, Thailand :) i love cards in which you can see different cultures, their dress, everyday activities...its a bonus to see a person smile :)))
I was stunned with the set of stamps - National Children's Day 2011. Amazing, such a wonderful overall package - forever thankful beam!

17. 04. 2011.

Irish Donkey Sez 'Welcome Back'

Hello home, hello sunshine, hello new postcards!

 To start a new era on my blog - a new donkey for my collection :))) Thanks to fisherman and lotty's animal RR :) I have been back home for over a month now - how time flies... But i wasnt all that lazy! i have tagged, joined RRs, requested, asked, offered...and now the efforts are paying off: i am receiving many beautiful postcards..! :) So, lots of things to show and post and talk about. yea!