14. 11. 2011.

New European Autumn Donkeys!

I do have a solid internet connection at home, and can occasionally add a new post :) esp important to update my donkey collection! I've also received many splendid cards for my new UNESCO collection - alas i dont have scanner here...so these are still cards from the working era aka the early autumn.

From private swap with bogdanovskaya, this cute card from Spain :) Thank you!

A grand RAS card from Fabienne - she remembered me on her holiday so this donkey joined the team here, very happy, thank you! xD

This awesome postcard is from a private swap with Wanda ( I got three other gorgeous animal cards from her as well, i hope i can post them here too some time soon..!) This little family is just adorable, thank you!
I do wonder about the X-cancellation though..? First time i see this..!

New Croatian Autumn Donkeys

Hvala nt! xx Jednog dana kad budes napokon ovo citala :D
New additions from dear Nat, who is so eagerly feeding my mailbox :D

23. 10. 2011.

UNESCO - Assisi, The Basilica Of San Francesco, Italy

Assisi, a medieval city built on a hill, is the birthplace of Saint Francis, closely associated with the work of the Franciscan Order. Its medieval art masterpieces, such as the Basilica of San Francesco and paintings by Cimabue, Pietro Lorenzetti, Simone Martini and Giotto, have made Assisi a fundamental reference point for the development of Italian and European art and architecture

I am always very very happy when i find a nice viewcard; and it is always such a pleasure to swap with someone who is as friendly and fair as Valentina from Italy - she's sent me this gorgeous card showing the Basilica di S. Francesco, and i also love the stamp AND the special Monza cancellation!! <3
Thank you so much Vale, my offers are always open for you!

22. 10. 2011.

Barn Swallow, Hong Kong

This one is a cutie - a barn swallow, with shiny blue feathers :)
I won it in a lottery by Joe Chi - thank you! :D

GEO - Bald Eagle

The bald eagle is storming down to catch its prey. With its dagger-like pointed talons this tremendous bird  manages to seize a 3-kilo salmon, rabbits and rats.
(a question pops to mind...why is it exactly bold?) thanks sis! :)

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

I immediately fell in love with the purple view/map card of Providence,  the capital and most populous city of Rhode Island. I love the shades and the 'cancellation' in the top-right corner <3
The second card shows The Rhode Island State House, built in 1895. It contains a vast array of famous paintings and historical treasures, including the original colonial charter of 1663 from King Charles II.
A millionth thank you to Ash :)

German/Moroccan Donkey

This GREAT donkey arrived as a surprise from my dear sis, hence the 'german' in the title. But the card sez the photo is taken in Meknes, Morocco. It is actually one of the places i plan to visit this winter..! I guess i'll be seeing quite many donkeys in Morocco, and not always with pleasant impressions...but such is life eh.

19. 10. 2011.

Newport, Rhode Island, USA

My friend Ash (already a household name heh) is spending some time in Newport, and has sent me these lovely viewcards - am especially into the 1st card, what an amazing place to have an estate! When he emailed me (just after sending) saying that the stamps are enormous and clumsy, i couldnt picture it as i am so used to small US stamps - but they are indeed quite large..! And quite awesome too, thank you Ash :)

Vivien Leigh, Russia

Vivien Leigh (1913-67) was an English actress, best known for her portrayal of Scarlett O'Hara, the heroine of the famous movie epic Gone With The Wind (1939). For that and the performance in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) she won the Academy Awards.
Whenever I look up information about the actors i end up following links for ages and finding out new things - today i learned Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine were sisters, and Laurence Olivier was born in Dorking! I exclaim the latter cos i was there once during my au-pairing, a tiny place :)
Thanks to Vladisa and offers tag :)

Green Dragon, Ukraine

Series 'Fantasy' - Fishing

I like the colours on this one, and kind of an emotional moment between the magical creatures - if that makes sense heh. My knowledge of Russian cyrrilics is still too poor to make out the author's name (Oksana Zavgoridiy? I'm getting there!)
Thanks to mindanao and the offers tag :) nice stamps!

UNESCO - Historic Centre Of Salvador De Bahia, Brazil

Wonderful night views of the Salvador lighthouse and the historic quarter Pelourinho (whs). The full historic name is Cidade de São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos; Salvador is the capital of the Bahia state in NE Brazil, and also carries the title of Brazil's capital of happiness :))). And is the country's third most populous city! (ca 2.7 million)
Its historical centre is renowned for its Portuguese colonial architecture - after all, it was the first colonial capital of Brazil and is one of the oldest cities in the country. All this makes it a very desirable holiday spot doesnt it? :)
Both cards were sent by dear Cristina/Trisk, who always uses awesome stamps and therefore contributes to the beauty of my Brazilian postcard collection. Big thanks, as always! ;)

18. 10. 2011.

Krtek And Friends, UK

Thanks to Anu, this adorable Krtek card, thanks! The stamps are great - i know it takes a lot of effort to find special stamps in the UK..!
I did not plan to collect Krtek cards, but I appear to have many of them in my favourites...its just difficult not to click when you see them :D Did you know that this year Krtek is 55 years old? And still such a youthful character heh. I am happy that Czech animated characters get to be so popular on the cards, as i grew up with lots of them ( hint: still waiting for my 1st A Je To! card ;) Oh i only now found out they're called Pat & Mat! )

The National Emblem Of Poland

The White Eagle is the national emblem of Poland, and the Mermaid of the capital Warsaw; i dont know why exactly but the latter surprised me..! The cherries on the stamp look scrumptious :)
Thank you magdalena/Dziabka for this swap!

The Royal Golden Carriage, The Netherlands

The Dutch royal family uses this golden carriage yearly, to bear the Dutch monarch from Noordeinde Palace to the Ridderzaal in order to pronounce the Speech from the Throne. It is made of teak wood and covered in gold leaf. It is pulled by eight horses when the monarch is riding in it; only six when its the other members of the royal family.
Thanks to Tessa/TessaL and our private swap :)

Donkey And Doggie, Turkey

This is a great card isnt it? The only trouble is, the same user sent it twice in a row in RRs AND i already had it in my album! So i thought i better post it here as well to avoid quadriples :) I do like the plane stamp & matching 'by air mail'  though :)

Views Of Bulgaria

Bulgarian national costumes from Rhodope District,
with Devil's Bridge over the Arda river

Sofia - Vitosha Mountain
Dragalevtsi Monastery

Wonderful layout of the Bulgarian national cuisine. Too many to name, but it sure looks delicious!

All three great Bulgarian postcards come from a private swap with Lilia/Childish - I absolutely love them & the wonderful stamps, thank you!! :))

08. 10. 2011.

UNESCO - Historic Town Of Vigan, Philippines

Established in the 16th century, Vigan is the best-preserved example of a planned Spanish colonial town in Asia. The city of Vigan is situated on the west coast of the island Luzon, facing the South China Sea. Its one of the numerous Hispanic towns that are characterised by a unique architectural fusion of Philippine building design and the typical colonial European constructions - which is one of the reasons why it is enlisted as an whs unesco site.
Calesa is a Philippine horse-drawn carriage, mode of transport introduced by the Spaniards in the 18th century. This one is adorned for the annual calesa festival. Behind it is The St. Paul's Cathedral, a burial place for the great Ilocano poet Leona Florentino.
Thanks to private swap with Jeff :)
No stamps, but sometimes this kind of cancellation is interesting too ;) Only sometimes though! :D

Tang Yin Painting, China

Ink And Wash Painting By Tang Yin

Tang Yin -better known by his courtesy name Tang Bohu - is one of the most notable painters in Chinese art history. He was living in the 15th and 16th centuries, during the Ming Dynasty era, and was also a significant poet of his time.

Ink Wash Painting is an Eastern Asian type of brush painting originating from the Tang Dynasty rule (7th-9th cent.) In this technically demanding art-form a great skill, concentration and years of training are required - once a stroke is painted, it cannot be undone.
I couldnt find the name of this painting...

Thanks to dhyliu and the CaCrr :) great stamps too!

Hagia Sophia Mosaic, Turkey

This Comnenus Mosaic, located on the eastern wall of the southern gallery of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, dates from 1122. It represents the Virgin Mary with the Child Christ in her lap; on her right side stands the emperor John II Comnenus, holding a purse as a symbol of an imperial donation to the church. On the left of the Virgin is the empress Irene, wearing ceremonial garments and holding a scroll.

Thank you Ezgi/melodia_ for this card from my favs, and the excellent heart-shaped stamp :)
any reason its upside down..?! lol

A Maori Woman With A Child, New Zealand

Ana Rupene and Child (1978), Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki;
by Gottfried Lindauer (1839-1926)

Gottfried Lindauer was a New Zealand artist of Czech descent, famous for his portraits of prominent Maori. These portraits accurately record the facial tattoos, clothing, ornaments and weapons of the Maori.

Ana is 'Ana Reupene Whetuki' married to Reupene Whetuki, a Ngāti Maru rangatira. Ana is remembered by the whānau as 'Werohia' meaning 'to challenge'. Ana's life dates remain unknown at this time. What is known however is that she lived and died at Parakau, Manaia  and lived through distinct and rapid changes to her Māori life ways. 
The child's name is yet to be remembered and it is estimated that he lived to be about 14-18 years. It is said he had a supernumerary congenital condition meaning he had an extra toe on each foot. The family recount that this child had a gift for reciting whakapapa.

Interesting stories behind this painting - thank you Annie/wildlife for choosing this card! :)) 

Actresses Of Classic Hollywood, USA

Marilyn Monroe, NYC 1954. Photograph by George S. Zimbel
Taken during the shoot of Billy Wilder's classic 'The Seven Year Itch'

Sophia Loren and Jane Mansfield at Romanoff's, Beverly Hills 1957.

Two swaps which resulted in two curious movie cards; always welcome :)
Thank you Doug & Lisa :)