18. 04. 2012.

YOTD Stamps And Che Guevara - Canada

I just LOVE this portrait of Che Guevara! A classic black&white image with a cigar, but he is smiling in a very content and even a-bit-cheeky manner :) Like he is flirting with someone...heh. I would love to have more of the cards with him, after all he is a good-looking man who poses well and represents rebellion and ideals xD
Thank you jaime/canbcpost for this great swap, the stamps are shinily beautiful :)

YOTD Stamps And UNESCO - New Zealand

Mt. Ngauruhoe is one of the three active volcanoes situated in Tongariro National Park, in the central North Island of New Zealand. The NP is the first property to be inscribed on the WHS list under the revised criteria describing cultural landscapes, back in 1993 - the mountains have cultural and religious significance for the native Maori people.
Thank you Adrienne, this card is amazing and so is the YOTD stamp! :)

YOTD Stamps And Navitrolla - Estonia

The cute Navitrolla card from ossuusso, with great big YOTD stamps and perfect Estonian cancellations as always!
I love different illustrations on postcards, but am afraid to put it on my wishlist cos its such a broad area and I like to choose which ones I like...I'd like to collect as many different kinds as possible :)
Thank you Heidi! <3

YOTD Stamps - Singapore

Togyu Okumura 'Donkeys (study)' 1941

And now for all the other beautiful cards with YOTD stamps :) Like this donkey illustration by a Japanese artist sent from Singapore, many thanks to sybones!
A classic fiery dragon on the stamp, love it <3

17. 04. 2012.

YOTD - Serbia

The last - but by no means the least! - of the dragon cards+stamps is this gem of a maxi-card from Serbia. Thank you so much Achi! Ana told me she bought only a few of these, and after a few days she went back to get more - and they were all gone! I feel a bit guilty cos she didnt even manage to get the set for herself :/ there are two maxi-cards in the set and the other one is equally gorgeous <3
Još jednom, hvala Anchi!!

YOTD - Taiwan II

A great couple of cards from Taiwan from very dear mooncastle and sandcastle (i love their nicknames!) - it was difficult to choose cards from such a great set, but in the end my favourite colours of the background prevailed :)
Alas the 1st card got damaged on the way, probably because some posts (presumably croatian, grr. well i've seen my former mailman doing it! a relief he's an ex, heh) put elastic bands to keep the cards together. I am so thankful that the stamp didnt get damaged, it is so big and beautiful..!
Thank you girls, you brightened up my mailbox :D

YOTD - China

This interesting card from China looks like a lottery ticket - i hope it brings luck! :))) The stamps are AWESOME (looking at this cute bunny i so wish i could have traded for YOTR) and the special cancellation as well. Thank you StanleyPao!

YOTD - Indonesia

A fantastic maxi-card from Indonesia comes from dear Shinta, who never fails to impress me :) The images on the stamps are simply GORGEOUS., not to mention the special cancellations. After a brief consultation with google i've also fallen in love with Indonesian YOTD mini-sheet <3
Alas i have no resources to submerge deeper into the world of philately...As postcards are my primary collection there remains little in my pocket to invest in beautiful stamps, mini-sheets & FDCs (though i love them so!). Perhaps one day when all my boxes are absolutely full of postcards i'll slowly switch to this vast area of collecting..!
BUT. I have joined a wonderful RR called Nice Cover Circuit, to get at least an occasional 'shot' lol.
I am even thinking of opening another blog dedicated to covers. We'll see!

16. 04. 2012.

YOTD - Hong Kong

Another great dragon card, this time from Yuen from Hong Kong! I must admit i enjoyed these yotd swaps being mainly with people with whom i swapped before :) this card has prepaid postage but also the 'fiery' additional stamp, which on the closer inspection looks bizzare - would love to know its meaning..!
Yuen was describing all the joyfull things people do to celebrate Chinese New Year's, and now i want to witness it myself somewhere, anywhere in china..! I think i would especially look forward to food, yum :)

This card is supposed to be torn along the lines, but i dont trust myself to do it. I think i may damage it, or that it will become 'just a card' then - i think i'd much more prefer it as a postcard. but i AM curious heh. Thank you Yuen - and if you ever read this, perhaps you could tell me if i should have opened it straight away..!

YOTD - Taiwan

Oh how i love this card...very expressive and yet playful with all the beautiful rainbow colours. it is also velvety to the touch :) This card was sent by dear Ellen who explained that the top right corner image on the back represents the 1st dragon stamp in china, probably very valuable nowdays.
She also wrote the translation of the characters on the back, which give the traditional description of a dragon: head like a camel, horns like a deer, eyes like ghost, ears like an ox, body like a snake, scales like a carp, claws like and eagle, and palms like a tiger. What a simple creature! heh. They forgot the breath of an oven.
Thank you so much Ellen, and for the beautiful stamps :)

Year Of The Dragon Swaps

Just a short intro for the collection to come :) I was sooo happy when i realised that the Croatian Mail was to issue Year Of the Dragon stamps!! In the previous years i've seen postcrossers doing swaps of cards/stamps for years of the rabbit and tiger, and was so jealous of them cos i had nothing to offer...This year i have received many gorgeous cards and stamps showing dragons, and i can only but hope that this is not an isolated 'incident' - though somehow i cannot imagine there being snake stamps next year...here's hoping, as i love snakes (as images! not sure i'd like to pet one lol) and it is after all my chinese zodiac sign ;)