20. 01. 2013.

Sunday Stamps #106 - Cartoons and cartoon-like drawings

Hello hello after a long break! As I am having an opportunity now to post on my blogs - albeit the 'old' scans on my usb - i have chosen my first post in 2013 to be for Viridian's Sunday Stamps. I am not even sure the following stamp qualifies for this week's theme...but lets give it a shot..!

I have received my 1st w&s postcard from tiny Monaco some years ago when my sis Marija went there on a holiday (in package with Côte d'Azur) - now this may seem like déjà vu as I have posted this exact postcard once before, but the truth is, i have two postcards from Monaco and they are a duplicate! But I was hoping to have a chance to post this one too as I simply love the stamp:

Issuing stamps promoting the Circus is a kind of a tradition for Monaco Post. This joyful piece was issued in december 2006 and is announcing the 2007 Circus Festival held in January. I think part of its attractiveness for me are the red hues :)) 
I wonder what the others have posted here! 

03. 01. 2013.

Happy New Year 2013!

Greetings from Ecuador! I want to wish everyone a happy and fullfilled new year, whoever and wherever you are :)) I happen to be across the ocean, pursuing happiness...cannot yet tell if its going well but perhaps i will be sure some day soon :) My apologies for not being able to send postcards, there are so many dear postcrossing friends that I would love to send something to but the budget doesn't allow me this time around...I am sure there will be new opportunities in the days and years to come :) stay well and safe!

New Cathedral, Cuenca, Ecuador