28. 07. 2013.

Kecak Dance At Tanah Lot, Indonesia


I have discovered among my older scans a postcard with a great set of se-tenant stamps titled Forests: Nature at your service, issued in 2011. It is not specified what kind of a conifer it is, or the cute creature peeking behind it.
The postcard shows a performance of Kecak, otherwise known as Ramayana Monkey Chant, in front of a pilgrimage temple Tanah Lot in west Bali. Looks very mystical!

Encamp, Andorra

Encamp is the main town in the parish of the same name in central Andorra, situated on the Valira d'Orient river in a beautiful mountainous setting. Many thanks to Fabienne for this view and using the Europa stamp :)
In 2011 Europa stamps presented forests, and most of those stamps were/are gorgeous - I am happy to show some of them here for Sunday Stamps #131 theme Trees. Please check my other posts below, and what others have contributed this week :)

Nitra Castle, Slovakia

Nitra Castle or Nitriansky Hrad was built in the 11th century on the place of an earlier fort and dominates the city skyline. Its core is the St. Emmeram's Cathedral, whose bell tower can be seen on this postcard. This is easily my favourite postcard received from Slovakia, and with the lovely Europa forest stamp. Thank you Radim :)

UNESCO - Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona

The Glarud Thrust is a major thrust fault in the Alps of Switzerland, which forms the contact between older Helvetic Permo-Triassic rock layers and younger Jurassic and Cretaceous limestones. Thrust faults of this kind are not that uncommon but this is a well-accessible example which has as such played a great role in the development of  geological knowledge on mountain building.
Many thanks to Sara who helped me a lot with Swiss Unesco sites, and used a beautiful Europa forest stamp on this one :)

UNESCO - Mausoleum Of The First Qin Emperor, China


No doubt thousands of statues still remain to be unearthed at this archaeological site, which was not discovered until 1974. Qin (d. 210 B.C.), the first unifier of China, is buried, surrounded by the famous terracotta warriors, at the centre of a complex designed to mirror the urban plan of the capital, Xianyan. The small figures are all different; with their horses, chariots and weapons, they are masterpieces of realism and also of great historical interest.

I have just realised that I have already posted about these stamps! But they are quite beautiful and I really do love the green mossy trees one - they represent the Shennongjia National Nature Reserve known for its high plant diversity. Issued in 1998. Thank you Twenty :)

Inge Löök Grannies


Inge Look is a former professional gardener and lately a successful illustrator from Finland, best-known for the two loopy grannies pictured above :) I thought I'd love to have one card in my collection and this one seemed perfect as it depicts ecstasy over the received mail hehh. 
The stamp is something we've seen on Sunday Stamps before but its such a nice one, issued in 2010 representing Finland's Torronsuo National Park. Thank you Mindee :)

GEO - Flamingos In Flamingo

 'Hundreds of Flamingos gathered at a lake on Mexico's peninsula Yucatan, and accidentally built a gigantic shape of their own species; lucky once-in-the-lifetime shot for the photographer.'

Amazing isn't it? This is the first of today's postcards that I will post related to Sunday Stamps and this week's topic: trees. The second stamp being issued by Deutsche Post in 2012 showing landscape at dusk.

UNESCO - Historic Centre Of Český Krumlov, Czech Republic


Situated on the banks of the Vltava river, the town of  Český Krumlov was built around a 13th-century castle with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements. It is an outstanding example of a small central European medieval town whose architectural heritage has remained intact thanks to its peaceful evolution over more than five centuries.

This aerial view is one of the most beautiful I have seen on a postcard :) And the stamps...awesome! Both Krtek and A je to! (Pat & Mat) are my childhood cartoons and I love having these stamps, thank you loads Radana :))

27. 07. 2013.

UNESCO - Historical Complex Of Split With The Palace Of Diocletian, Croatia


The ruins of Diocletian's Palace, built between the late 3rd and the early 4th centuries A.D., can be found throughout the city. The cathedral was built in the Middle Ages, reusing materials from the ancient mausoleum. Twelfth- and 13th-century Romanesque churches, medieval fortifications, 15th-century Gothic palaces and other palaces in Renaissance and Baroque style make up the rest of the protected area.

I have been to Split last week and finally managed to send postcards that would encompass the main sites of Split's Unesco :) The last postcard is a reconstruction image - nowdays private establishments are incorporated into the main frame, which makes it quite unique. 

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil


A vintage take on 'See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil',  proverbial principle usually associated with the Three Wise Monkeys. The photo originates from ca.1930 but the author is yet unindentified...I may say I simply love it, thank you Michelle :)

Armenian Donkey

A truly heart-warming piece of mail in my mailbox this week - my first written & stamped postcard from Armenia shows the cutest donkey doing his work in the snowy mountains of Armenia. This is so great on so many levels, thanks so SO much Radim! :))

26. 07. 2013.

Salamanca Market, Tasmania

Lets continue with the veggies! Salamanca Market is a street market in Tasmania's capital Hobart, a major tourist attraction open on Saturdays. It has grown from 12 stalls in 1972 to 300 in 2010. I've missed it when I was there...thank you Irene :)

Vidalia Onions


Vidalia is a kind of a sweet onion, Georgia's official state vegetable since 1990. Bryon guessed that it must be my first ever onion postcard! Thank you for this surprise, I love learning new things :)

24. 07. 2013.

UNESCO - Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina


The Los Glaciares National Park is an area of exceptional natural beauty, with rugged, towering mountains and numerous glacial lakes - including lake Argentino, which is 160 km long. At its farthest end, three glaciers meet to dump their effluvia into the milky grey glacial water, launching massive igloo icebergs into the lake with thunderous splashes.

It is always a pleasure to receive a postcard from Argentina, and then it doubles when it is such a fantastic UNESCO view! Plus, the selection of stamps, so nicely cancelled, adds to its beauty. Thanks so much Cynthia :))

UNESCO - Architectural, Residential And Cultural Complex Of The Radziwill Family At Nesvizh, Belarus

The Architectural, Residential and Cultural Complex of the Radziwill Family at Nesvizh is located in central Belarus. The Radziwill dynasty, who built and kept the ensemble from the 16th century until 1939, gave birth to some of the most important personalities in European history and culture. Due to their efforts, the town of Nesvizh came to exercise great influence in the sciences, arts, crafts and architecture.
A splendid panoramnic view of the castle, many thanks to Mish :)

Comic View Of The EU


Adi sent me this postcard when he was in Belgium earlier this year, I wanted to post it on the day Croatia joined the EU but of course (!) it slipped my mind...Funny prejudices about European nations - makes me wonder what ours would be! Some sort of a mix between the Luxembourger, the Greek and the Irish..? :)

23. 07. 2013.

Maps Of Iceland






Properly spoilt aren't I..?! Thanks to my friend Ash I have every possible map of Iceland in my collection heh. And so great to see all the different stamps..! I really REALLY wanna go there one day...

Castlebay And Kisimul Castle, Isle Of Barra, Scotland

The island of Barra is a predominantly Gaelic-speaking island in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland - Castlebay is the main village on the island, situated on its south coast overlooking the bay where Kisimul Castle is located. It is a small medieval castle (mid 16th century) whose name translated from the Gaelic words cis and mul means 'the place where taxes are paid'. Although completely surrounded by the sea it has its own fresh water wells.
And who can ever get enough of the Scottish castles..?!

Maps Of Isle Of Wight

Isle Of Wight is a country and the largest island in England, situated in the English Channel some 5 miles off the coast of Hampshire. I have fond memories of visiting the island as it was my first 'proper' holiday, staying in b&b and sightseeing..! One of the highlights was surely visiting a donkey farm, and I regret to this day that I wasn't able to adopt one of them..!