14. 11. 2023.

Lou Paper Coffee Postcard

Tagged for in the Especially Special Tag, I was happy that my first received Lou Paper postcard is coffee-themed; and what made it even more special, the donkey and lizard stamps..! I wouldn't want to start collecting these as there are simply too many of them out there, but as I've said I like having one example of every postcard series. As I progress ever so slowly, there are probably three new series to my every received example card lol. I haven't found anything in my mailbox for weeks...that said, I've read somewhere that our postmen tend to have annual leave about this time, and there's noone to replace them...prices going up, but still a lack of work force because paying decent wages seems to be the scariest thing for the mighty capitalists. Oh well. This is a great postcard, so let's focus on that - thank you so much Adrienne :))


Hygge is a word describing the Danish way of life, or rather a concept of escaping the daily rush to relax and enjoy life's quieter pleasures. Various definitions of the word exist, and can be traced even to the Middle Ages, where a similar Old Norse word meant 'protected from the outside world'. The term hygge was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2017.
I particularly like the image at the bottom left :) The stamps, which I have found at the local 7/11-type-of corner shop, seem to depict familiar sayings; the 2nd and the 3rd one I think are international - when the cats are away, the mice play :) - burnt children shun the fire. The first one seems to say: every bird sings with it's beak? It should mean that different people express themselves in different ways i.e. to the best of their abilities. It's interesting, and I am now trying to think of a Croatian saying with a similar meaning...

13. 11. 2023.

Nyhavn In Copenhagen

Nyhavn in Copenhagen is the city's most recognisable feature - ok, perhaps together with the Little Mermaid..! On my way back from Oslo (going to Hamburg and then further to the Frisian island of Amrum) I have (finally!) spent a day in this beautiful place, in between night buses. Nyhavn is a waterfront district lined with brightly coloured town houses from the 17th/18th centuries, as well as with historical wooden ships. It is the entertainment heart of the city with its many bars, cafes and restaurants. Now it would be nice to experience that next time around..!

12. 11. 2023.

Two Giants By Ivar Rodningen

'I am sitting at Evita's Espresso Bar, across the road is the Oslo Spektrum, where I have seen, and listened to, and MET Röyksopp last night...' This happened in February; and a few weeks ago, in October, I have seen them in Amsterdam and London as well...I am still a bit on a high, so I am posting this postcard/image from Rodningen's popular Norwegian Trolls series that I have sent from Oslo. While there, I met some other fellow Röyksoppians, and discovered new parts of the city that somehow eluded me during my two-month Xmas market stint the previous year. It was a great weekend overall! I will be living off such memories for a while now, I think.

03. 11. 2023.

Linz An Der Donau, Austria

As I have been applying for winter season jobs in Austria (so far no luck) (and the best jobs are probably taken by now) here is a card of a pretty town of Linz - the capital of Upper Austria and the third largest in the country. I have to say this is one of my favourite official postcards received this year, as it is complete with a lovely stamp and cancellation, and an interesting message on the back - vielen Dank Alexandra :)