18. 06. 2016.

Life In The Fast Lane

Irish donkey, cute dog, a pub sign...I've had my eyes on this card for quite some time, and now its in my collection thanks to Anastasia :) Also a curious stamp, representing one of the five senses - when you touch it with a warm finger, it changes colour..!

White Streets Of Spain

Another great postcard and stamps from Ana, and there's a donkey! Muchas gracias bossita ;)

10. 06. 2016.

Angel Oak

What a fascinating tree! 20 meters high, 8 meters circumference; I am sure there are larger trees in those terms, but the shade area of 1600 square meters, can it be beaten? Its longest branch extends for 57 meters, just wow. Angel Oak is a Southern live oak located in Angel Oak Park on Johns Island near Charleston, South Carolina. The City of Charleston has owned the tree and surrounding park since 1991. Being by some estimates almost 500 years old, imagine what stories it could tell...Local folklore tells stories of ghosts of former slaves appearing as angels around the tree.
Many thanks to Susan :)) 

On The Sunny Side Of The Alps

Now this is perfect! A house on a hill surrounded by vineyards. Lately I've been facing the dark sides of human behaviour...and could use a break in a place like this. Its funny, this sunny card was written in late april and it was still snowing. Hvala Mirjam!

09. 06. 2016.

Peñíscola Street

Peñíscola is a municipality in the province of Castellón, Valencian Community in Spain,  located on the Costa del Azahar along the Mediterranean coast. Such a lovely street view with a girl and her grandpa on a bench, and what can I say about the stamps but...fantastic! O Ana, o Ana, srećo mojih dana :P

Ladies First!

...that is the title for it I've found on a single web-site depicting this card...I thought at the first glance this was a car, but is indeed a tandem motorcycle. 'The Parisian motorbike La Jumella in 1922, with trailing and leading arms suspensions , front and rear dampers.' Lovely photo, merci Eva :)

02. 06. 2016.

Peking Opera Dan

This beautiful lady is one of the five female characters (Dan) in Peking Opera, probably the Guimen Dan, or maybe a Daoma Dan? Many thanks to Nan :)

Chameleon Strikes A Pose

This card is even sparkly, which can't be seen on a photo so I haven't realised that until I've received it. Love the colours, and how cute  is the Garfield and Odie stamp?? Thanks a lot Cornelia :D

01. 06. 2016.

A Beach In Belize

By the looks of it its a self-printed card, but a nice one isn't it :) I don't know which beach it is but I'd sure like to pop over there for a bit of a proper relaxation. Lovely stamp! Thank you Karolyn :)

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

The Brooklyn Bridge is a hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City and is one of the oldest bridges of either type in the United States. Completed in 1883, it connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River. It has a main span of 486.3 m and was the first steel-wire suspension bridge constructed.
Interesting by-fact! Cable-stayed bridges date back to 1595, when first designs were found in Machinae Novae, a book by Croatian inventor Fausto Veranzio.
From my visit to NY last autumn, where I was more impressed by this bridge than anything else.