08. 11. 2013.

On My Way - Cuba

  1. Just a little bit of text before I kind of disappear for a bit ;) As sime of you may know, I will be going to Cuba soon. It is not the rarest country in postcrossing but surely not an easy one to get either...I myself have only one postcard from there. If anyone is interested in receiving a postcard from there and can help me with my missing countries please contact me! Or alternatively an UNESCO card from harder-to-get countries (written & stamped from country of origin). I already have an extensive list of people to send postcards to so I hope you understand I have to be so specific with my requests ;) You can find both my e-mail and missing lists on this page. Not to be neglected, Cuba Post is not 100% reliable, so I would send first..! All in all, I hope I can find some nice postcards and stamps to share, and will keep all my fingers crossed that they reach everyone :)) Hasta luego!