07. 06. 2021.

Back In The Game?

 Probably not - but i have a little postcrossing story to tell. I got a message from an unknown person through FB/messenger the other day, asking me if I wanted to swap, and asking if I had a certain postcard from my Flickr album available. I was utterly surprised as I haven't offered any cards for a swap in a looong time, so this was very much 'out of the blue' thing for me. It felt almost strange to go through my postcard boxes as I tried to find this particular card, and I'd like to send more cards for sure; I just need to check the new tendencies - are people still mainly interested in cards from certain series, or are there still the ones who'd swap for a view card from a 'common' country? Hmm...Well, I guess the best way to check is to offer cards..! See what happens.

In the meantime I enjoyed writing and sending a card to this nice and friendly postcrosser in Portugal. Hopefully it will reach her soon, no idea how disrupted the mail corridors are due to covid. And of course receiving a postcard again will be a delight!