23. 07. 2023.

Postcrossing Meeting Belgrade

My first, and so far the biggest postcrossing meeting, was all the way back in 2011 in Belgrade - we had the quite active forum group for the ex-yugoslavian countries, and 7 of us  met internationally - well it seemed like a big group at the time! lol. And now I receive this postcard from dear Ana, whom I also met in Belgrade, and am surprised at how many people gathered there..! Of course I am aware some international postcrossing meetings count dozens of postcrossers :) Hvala Anchi!

16. 07. 2023.

I Heart Sagittarius

A new addition to my Sagittarius collection - a very interesting take on the subject :D Received for 'Rescue a sinking tag - tag' from the USA, thank you Sarah!

09. 07. 2023.

The Wind Of Change (Again)

I was shocked to find out the other day the Croatian Post increased the postage by 50%...I just (barely) came to terms with the last increase of 90% some years ago, and decided it was worth it to venture into 'heftier' postcrossing, i.e. doing more swaps...and I did A LOT in comparison with the previous years..! As I can read in some other comments, a common story for many countries, sadly...This will definitely slow me down and I will have to pull a brake on tags and round robins - but I still have so many postcards to send (darn it, I just kept buying them during this last frenzy episode!) so I'm not planning to go off charts just yet...For the visual part of this post - here is the last larger batch that I've sent off, and the last stamps that I have bought. There were so many other stamps that I was looking forward to buying and combining, but now it becomes impractical because I would need so many of them..!

Just to give you a clearer picture: 2019: 0,60 to 1,14 EUR. 2023: 1,14 to 1,70 EUR. I don't need to tell you that the standard of living barely budged in the same number of years...The minimum net salary at the moment is ca 500 EUR. And how is it going with your Post? 

04. 07. 2023.

Vacances à Saint-Tropez

July has knocked on the door and let itself in - the peak tourist season is almost here..! Now wouldn't it be nice to chill in St Tropez, if only for a day...Love the matching theme stamps 💛 Merci beaucoup Laurene!