17. 01. 2011.


Yes, Peru...that was a while back! We have crossed to Bolivia, and before exploring the whole beautiful spectrum of it we continued to Paraguay, with our big packs (safely, as we sincerely hope) left in Santa Cruz for our return.
Peru was absolutely wonderful when it comes to postcards! I may have doubted that it can outdo Ecuador in abundance but...the further south we went (to more touristy areas for sure) the harder i had to be on myself, refraining from buying whole postcard stands at a time..! Up north in Trujillo I was encountered with a very helpful lady in the Post Office, who patiently represented all of the stamps she had for sale. Still, I have come accross different ones at other stages of the trip, which has made my personal - postal - part of the whole trip very exciting and enjoyable :)
I have sent postcards to my family from Trujillo, Huaraz, Lima, Macchu Pichu Village and Puno. They are all such diverse places with unique character and image...and the five are the bare minimum that I just HAD TO send! I have also fulfilled a special request for Macchu Pichu card. But the rest I have left for Bolivia.