27. 03. 2016.

Balinese Dancers, Indonesia

Beautiful Balinese dancers whose attire is inspired by the ancient hindu princesses, with a great set of stamps, one of them matching. Many thanks to Maya :)

25. 03. 2016.

UNESCO - Jasper National Park, Canadian Rockies

I really REALLY feel like escaping to the mountains to reconnect with nature! Its been too long. This view fascinates me, its absolutely stunning don't you think? As this WHS site comprises 7 national/provincial parks, I will post one at the time, in hope I will indeed collect all seven of them. Thanks so much for this one Katie - and she lives a short drive away from some of these parks, uhh ohh..!

Jasper National Park is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies, spanning 10,878 square km. It is located in the province of Alberta, north of Banff National Park and west of Edmonton. The park includes the glaciers of the Columbia Icefield, hot springs, lakes, waterfalls and mountains. Its most prominent peak is Mount Edith Cavell, named in 1916 after an English nurse executed by the Germans during World War I for having helped Allied soldiers escape from occupied Belgium to the Netherlands.

UNESCO - Pirin National Park, Bulgaria

The World Heritage property covers an area of around 40,000 ha in the Pirin Mountains, southwest Bulgaria, and overlaps with the undeveloped areas of Pirin National Park. The diverse limestone mountain landscapes of the property include over 70 glacial lakes and a range of glacial landforms, with many waterfalls, rocky screes and caves. Forests are dominated by conifers, and the higher areas harbour alpine meadows below the summits. The property includes a range of endemic and relict species that are representative of the Balkan Pleistocene flora.

There is no signature on the card so I don't know who to thank for this fantastic panoramic card - but whoever and wherever you are, I am grateful to you  :)

UNESCO - Historic Town Of Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia

Over the centuries, the town of Banská Štiavnica was visited by many outstanding engineers and scientists who contributed to its fame. The old medieval mining centre grew into a town with Renaissance palaces, 16th-century churches, elegant squares and castles. The urban centre blends into the surrounding landscape, which contains vital relics of the mining and metallurgical activities of the past.
Many thanks to Vladka for this wonderfully huge card, who also wrote that the Slovaks say The Adriatic Sea is their sea - because in Slovakia more than half of people going on a holiday choose to come and visit Croatia. You are welcome :))

Now this is the 2nd idea for a short trip! Though a week would probably not be enough to explore the yet uncovered beauties of Slovakia, seeing Bratislava and the High Tatras would probably do enough for recovering my soul :) There isn't a direct transport link I believe, which makes it a bit of a bother, but Vienna is really close. Now lets do some research :)

Piazza San Marco In Venice

I am starting work in a few weeks and I am trying to think of a short route to travel before then...One idea is Venice, so close and so popular and yet I haven't managed to go there yet! As inspiration, a view of the famous San Marco Square, sent by Ellis, grazie :)

22. 03. 2016.

Pristina, Kosovo

Oh my has it been almost three weeks that I've posted here...and now I have a new pile to be scanned next month, before I have 'cleared out' the old batch. Well the story repeats and continues!

This card I have received a year ago, almost to the date. My second card from Kosovo, thanks to Ruedi who went there on a business trip, and was so diligent and sent like a million of postcards! Showing The Cathedral of Blessed Mother Teresa and The Sultan Mehmet Fatih Mosque, also known as the Imperial Mosque.

03. 03. 2016.

Wolf, Fauna Of Belarus

I have to admit I really like this postcard series from Belarus, representing much of European continental fauna. This must also be the cutest Belarus stamp I have ever received, and to round it all up there is a special cancellation addition celebrating capital Minsk's birthday. Many thanks to Tania :))

01. 03. 2016.

Jeepney Of The Philippines

Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. They are known for their crowded seating and kitsch decorations, which have become a ubiquitous symbol of Philippine culture and art. Jeepneys were originally made from U.S. military jeeps left over from World War II - when American troops began to leave the Philippines hundreds of surplus Jeeps were sold or given to the Filipinos, who stripped them down and altered locally.
A dear friend is travelling the world with her work and surprises me with postcards - like this one :)