07. 06. 2021.

Back In The Game?

 Probably not - but i have a little postcrossing story to tell. I got a message from an unknown person through FB/messenger the other day, asking me if I wanted to swap, and asking if I had a certain postcard from my Flickr album available. I was utterly surprised as I haven't offered any cards for a swap in a looong time, so this was very much 'out of the blue' thing for me. It felt almost strange to go through my postcard boxes as I tried to find this particular card, and I'd like to send more cards for sure; I just need to check the new tendencies - are people still mainly interested in cards from certain series, or are there still the ones who'd swap for a view card from a 'common' country? Hmm...Well, I guess the best way to check is to offer cards..! See what happens.

In the meantime I enjoyed writing and sending a card to this nice and friendly postcrosser in Portugal. Hopefully it will reach her soon, no idea how disrupted the mail corridors are due to covid. And of course receiving a postcard again will be a delight!

28. 05. 2021.

The Caldeirão of Corvo Island , Azores


Thinking about how much I miss travelling...and this is the kind of view I would like to set my eyes on next. I did send this card myself but haven't actually visited this place, as 'the island of the crow' is the smallest - and the northernmost of the Azores archipelago. 

I am curious to see where I'll be going next, I have so many ideas buzzing through my brain, but of course it is still difficult to plan or predict. Any idea where you'll be going? :)

26. 05. 2021.

Bratislava Cats


My last trip before this 'new era' was a short bus adventure through central Europe, and in each city I visited I went to a Cat Cafe - Vienna, Bratislava, Warsaw, Krakow and Prague. The last time I visited Vienna and Prague was 12 years prior to, and the remaining three were my 1st time, yay :) The Mackafe in Bratislava was the real deal, and there is merchandise sold to support it, which surprisingly isn't that common for a cat cafe...I think its a great way to additionally support such places. I mean, like this cute postcard :)

I post this in relation to my day...as I got quite a scare today. I have two cats, sisters Pixie & Suri, who were found in a dumpster by my friend, together with other three siblings. They were teeny weeny things not yet able to open their eyes...but my friend is fierce and she helped them all grow strong and independent. That was almost 12 years ago...Suri is a placid cat but Pixie is a bit naughty...I didn't see her all day, which was very unusual for her, and as the night was falling and she wasn't showing up to get fed I got really worried, walked around the block calling her. As I came back home there she was, and my mum told me she was in a box in the storage room and she couldn't get out. But she didn't make a sound the whole day as we were calling her. Cats are weird! lol I was just so relieved, and she was extra cuddly. Right after she had some food of course! Ah, all's well that ends well. A huge stone fell off my heart, as we would say. And here is a kittie from Mackafe:

23. 05. 2021.

Stay Safe, Stay Home; Singapore


Fast-forward  seven months, and here I am back in Croatia, surviving this transition time to full vaccination. While in Ireland I did swaps in one batch back in June, asking for postcards related to this unique situation that we deal with. Thanks to Adriana I received this special card from Singapore. I thought I'd be swapping more during my time in Ireland, but I never really got into a 'comfortable zone', always going through the questions: will I find a job/stay at a job/go home?  So I returned home about a month ago - at least I don't have to worry about the rent (which is scraping the skies in Ireland!) and I feel more at peace being with my (now quite old) parents to support them in any way I can through these (still) challenging times. Here's hoping things will finally start getting better for everyone so we can resume our normal...or something close to normal lives.

P.S. - I can see that I'm gonna struggle a bit with some novelties here on the blogger...But I do plan to post a bit more now, as I have noticed that there is still a batch of postcards  that I haven't even scanned yet, let alone posted. So yeah :)

25. 10. 2020.

Olive Trees, Provence

Autumn is kind of a happening time at home - I called my dad today and he was telling me how busy they were these days with harvesting olives and getting firewood for the winter, plus he made some more wine and now we're eagerly waiting for St. Martin's day (for that is the day that the must really turns into wine :)) My postcard collection of olive trees is quite modest, but I do use every chance I get to expand it, like the time I was in Monaco with the cruise ship. Olive trees must be the most nostalgic image for me, and the smell of harvested olives lingering in my nostrils...it even makes me miss home. A little bit.

Garni Temple, Armenia

The Temple of Garni is the only standing Greco-Roman colonnated building in Armenia and the former Soviet Union. Built in the Ionic order by (probably) king Tiridates I in the 1st century AD, it is the best-known structure and symbol of pre-Christian Armenia, i.e of Hetanism (Armenian paganism).
I was looking for autumny postcards in my collections and noticed that I haven't posted this one from my trip to Armenia four years ago. To see it inspired a special kind of yearning.

Autumn In Minnesota

Come the favourite season of the year...Though the autumn is not the same everywhere, and when you are not allowed to go further that 5km away from your home (lockdown) you start to imagine that autumn is simply more autumny anywhere but here..! But I just have to move my lazy a** and go for a walk really lol

16. 10. 2020.

Postcrossing In The Time Of....

Well hello there! I am 8 days shy of an anniversary of NOT posting on my blog...Besides my usual idleness, I guess it was also prompted by this new era of living with a nastier-than-usual virus...And on top of that, I have made a life-changing decision to move to a new country in search of a more fulfilling life. Beannachtaí as Éirinn - greetings from Ireland!

As fate would have it, I came to Ireland mere two days before the first confirmed Covid-19 case here (and two days after the same happened back home in Croatia). The timing couldn't be more 'poetic', right?! At first, and I am sure many would agree, the situation didn't seem all that worrying and bleak. Perhaps its because we are used to (or to put it more bluntly, we were indifferent to) the plights on other continents being 'far away from us, not out problem'. Alas soon enough came the lockdown...it is when the celebrations for St.Patrick's day were cancelled, that everyone thought 'oh sh*t, what is happening? Is the world coming to an end?!' Fast-forward 7 months, and we are still struggling in the seemingly apocalyptic scenario. For those who have never been through war or poverty it IS the end of the world I guess; and a face mask, rather than superadvanced AI or money-grabbing power addicts, has become the population's enemy no.1. Enough said...I will not use this platform to argue the issues awakened by the new status quo, there are too many and and time is precious :)

Let me just say, I hope everyone is adjusting well to the situation, it has been hard on everyone! Our hobby has undeniably become more challenging as well. Then again, if we managed to continue exchanging postcards, albeit with restrictions, receiving them has brought us even more joy :) I have done a bit of postcrossing from Ireland, just to 'stay in the game'. ATM I am struggling to find a job (third time this year, but hey third time lucky! Or I should catch myself a leprechaun 😄) I do have a stack of Irish postcards in my drawer - I mean who can resist - and hopefully soon enough I'll find myself in a more s(ui)table situation and then off we go to get some stamps :)

(If anyone was wondering, this is me three years ago, first visit to Ireland, while working on a cruise ship)