29. 05. 2023.

Spring Donkeys From Menorca

I've opened this year's swapping 'season' in March when I was in Germany on island Amrum - I went there to work the season and had a contract until October. However, opposite from the previous year, I was met with conditions not matching the contract/agreement...and beside that totally ignored as a human being...So I ran away after three weeks. The thing is, thinking that I will stay for months, I've bought a considerable stash of postcards! Most I had to bring back home and will hopefully be able to swap them from Germany sometime in the future...
Anyways! From one of my march FB swaps, great Menorcan donkeys for my collection. Gracias Elena!

21. 05. 2023.



To jump, or not to jump..? After all, it's just a bucket...
I have sent this postcard to the Central PO in Zagreb to be sent back with a special postmark - I wanted to see if it still works! Well why wouldn't it...some might say. But in this country anything is possible. I have jumped into a new job (again it had to be only for the season) and into the forum tags and swaps - as a result already received some great mail 💓 I am curious about the official postcards though, still haven't received any. I am also trying to scan all my collections - was successful with olives, Sagittarius and Absolut Vodka, as they are only (half) a dozen each; but donkeys await..!
Have a nice sunday all 😊

09. 05. 2023.


Does anyone remember the Touchnote craze? Anyone doing postcrossing (back in...2012 was it?) must do, as Touchnote page did a promotion that lasted for weeks, enabling us to send each other any image on a postcard for free...of course they are not regarded (by many) as 'true' postcards, but it was fun :)

As I am trying to sort out my collections these days (with emphasis on 'trying') I am going through all of my shoe boxes, often not knowing what's in them lol. So, for example, I totally forgot that I have received a postcard from Eswahili/Swaziland some years ago, so it is still on my list of missing countries 😅. Some postcrossers I remember fondly from the 'busy' postcrossing era about a decade ago...I have joined the forum again, have seen some familiar 'faces' but missing some others...There seems to be a lesser variety of countries too, and some RRs that I used to participate in are now gone. Still, excited to send and receive again :) And here are some Touchnote examples: my favourite band (though I'm definitely breaking some law by using this image, gulp!), a donkey photographed during my trip in Jordan, and of course my kitties 💓