25. 06. 2023.

Cat Art By Hiroko Matsumoto

I can't get over just how cute this postcard i.e. art piece is 😻 Received thanks to the forum and offer tag - and Xia :)

17. 06. 2023.

Life Is Beautiful...

...is what I try to remind myself while I am facing a busy working summer..! Merci beaucoup Karine for this joyful card :) As always, I am jumping at a chance to tag for a postcard from France. Progressing really slowly with learning French on Duolingo...losing lives like strands of hair. One fine day I would love to watch all those excellent French movies without subtitles. That's the life goal! 

13. 06. 2023.

Wanderer Above The Fog

This painting from ca 1817, painted by Caspar David Friedrich, was spotted in Kunsthalle in Hamburg on a rainy day. I really enjoy visiting museums and galleries, especially when I unexpectedly come across a familiar work of art 💓 It is also familiar in a way that it's atmosphere often matches the one in my mind...

12. 06. 2023.

Cendrawasih, Indonesia

Cendrawasih is more commonly known as Bird-Of-Paradise, and is native to the island of New Guinea - western half of which is known as Papua and is part of the Republic of Indonesia. Birds are fascinating creatures and I am contemplating a new collection...native bird species. 
Thank you Arry for this card; great stamps too! I have noticed less people from Indonesia swapping postcards these days...possibly a remnant of the previous restrictions..?

10. 06. 2023.

Hiss and Maa and Hee-haw

Received for the Matching Stamp Tag - it was matching in a sense that all these animals are on my wishlist! Thanks so much Michael. I am STILL trying to sort out my collections...I have already started receiving doubles...but I have so little proactive time since I've started working. Writing postcards takes time too, I've been reminded lately! Still, the rewards are sweet :) It seems that my mailman likes to stop by once a week - and this tuesday I got a lot of 22, which probably isn't much for some people, but it's been a while since I've received such a bunch last. Yay 😊 
*deteriorated English, uhm*