06. 11. 2012.


Raccoons were my favourite animal as a kid :) In the meantime I found out they are a bit of a pest, but they still have the most adorable faces!

05. 11. 2012.

Sunday Stamps - Water

Yea its monday, but I wasnt sure this week's sunday stamps will be happening - luckily it is, and I can post here today on the theme of water :)
The postcards show the picturesque Istrian town of Rovinj, and an example of Croatian naive art.  Both have (sea) water as an important element in the picture, but the main thing here are the stamps; the first one is from a set of 7 issued in 1994, celebrating 150 years of tourism in Croatia. Its a wonderful set and I wish it could be used nowdays, alas all stamps issued in the previous millenium cannot be used for postage :( This particular stamp shows the Krka Waterfalls, one of Croatian national parks (which I usually have in my postcards offers heh :)). The second one is the Expo 2008 stamp, it was a single stamp as a mini-sheet and represents something simple but utterly beautiful - the clear blue sea :))

Next week we are free to represent any theme, and ah I am not at home! I'll try to have it ready wherever I am ;) And now, time to check the other entries..!


03. 11. 2012.

Navajo People, USA

I have received this postcard some time ago, before postcrossing...in fact, it was 1997. There is a vintage feel to it so the postcard itself might be quite older. I used to have a penpal living in Colorado and he sent me a surprise - a glimpse of the Land Of The Navajo, a woman and a child standing in front of a typical traditional Navajo home called hogan.
Navajo people are the largest federally recognized tribe of the US. The Navajo Nation constitutes an independent governmental body, which manages the Navajo Indian reservation in the Four Corners area of the States - the southwestern corner of Colorado, northwestern corner of New Mexico, northeastern corner of Arizona and southeastern corner of Utah.

Native People Of Vietnam

In a short-lived RR that I once joined, we had to send two written&stamped postcards to the group members - I was in a group with a lovely postcrosser Jo :) She sent me two beautiful postcards showing people in everyday situations, and great variety of stamps.
Many people in Vietnam use cyclos or cycle rickshaws to do their everyday errands. The youngsters of H'mong ethnic group, in the mountainous north-western SaPa district, are having a meal or a snack - am curious what exactly! Thanks so much Jo, love these cards :))

01. 11. 2012.

Never Enough Of London

Westminster Abbey and Tower Bridge, two of the many recognizable London sites that I just can't get enough of...These were sent quite some years ago, before I set my foot on the isle :)

Gustav-Adolf Mossa ''Les parques (The Fates)'' 1917


Gustav Adolf Mossa (1883-1971) was a French painter, son of artist Alexis Mossa, once a curator of the Musee des Beaux-Art in Nice. Not easy to find more info about this particular painting, but it looks very interesting and should be better known I think..!