14. 11. 2011.

New European Autumn Donkeys!

I do have a solid internet connection at home, and can occasionally add a new post :) esp important to update my donkey collection! I've also received many splendid cards for my new UNESCO collection - alas i dont have scanner here...so these are still cards from the working era aka the early autumn.

From private swap with bogdanovskaya, this cute card from Spain :) Thank you!

A grand RAS card from Fabienne - she remembered me on her holiday so this donkey joined the team here, very happy, thank you! xD

This awesome postcard is from a private swap with Wanda ( I got three other gorgeous animal cards from her as well, i hope i can post them here too some time soon..!) This little family is just adorable, thank you!
I do wonder about the X-cancellation though..? First time i see this..!

New Croatian Autumn Donkeys

Hvala nt! xx Jednog dana kad budes napokon ovo citala :D
New additions from dear Nat, who is so eagerly feeding my mailbox :D