14. 11. 2011.

New European Autumn Donkeys!

I do have a solid internet connection at home, and can occasionally add a new post :) esp important to update my donkey collection! I've also received many splendid cards for my new UNESCO collection - alas i dont have scanner here...so these are still cards from the working era aka the early autumn.

From private swap with bogdanovskaya, this cute card from Spain :) Thank you!

A grand RAS card from Fabienne - she remembered me on her holiday so this donkey joined the team here, very happy, thank you! xD

This awesome postcard is from a private swap with Wanda ( I got three other gorgeous animal cards from her as well, i hope i can post them here too some time soon..!) This little family is just adorable, thank you!
I do wonder about the X-cancellation though..? First time i see this..!

4 komentara:

  1. malo si me zbunila s ovom rana jesen...kad sam negde u avgustu gledala magarce kod tebe u albumu, videla sam ovog Španskog pa ti nisam ga poslala (jes da bi bio poslat u koverti iz MK)..al sad se pitam dal sam tad možda grešno videla nešto =/

  2. heh to ti je eho spomenutog tajvanskog sindroma - dobila san duplich ali s obzirom da je od doticne osobe nisan nista spomenila...a nedavno san od nje dobila jos jednog duplonju..! al ko da si poslala ;)

  3. That's a nice postcard from Poland - there are other stamps in that collection too. You can see them there: http://filatelistyka.poczta-polska.pl/850,1,1000000709,18,18,28
    That cancelation "x" is really strange, because it's the right stamp. But it's not for priority, maybe she used sticker with "priority" and they've noticed, tht's it's not priority?

  4. thank you for this remark, may be the case :) i dont even mind an X cos its a curiosity! :)