18. 11. 2010.


And so its been months since i wrote on here...change of circumstances..! I have been working for some weeks in october but the scanner broke down (with a little help from me and my zealous postcard scanning!oops) and i was kinda lost..! And after some more weeks here i am, enjoying my time in Ecuador :) and what a wonderful country it is!
Hm this is supposed to be a postcard blog...let me just add then that there is a wonderful abundance of postcards to be bought around here - but since i'm on a budget i had to forbid to myself any additional sprees as early as during first days in quito...oh well! I have sent three postcards to very dear friends of mine from the postcrossing forum, and three to my family. I hope they arrive in decent time! Lord knows i wanted to send many more but the postage of $2.25 is somewhat worrying...but surely there will be plenty more opportunities in the countries to come! Tonight we travel to Peru - see you there!!!