15. 10. 2012.

Baška And Jurandvor, Island Krk, Croatia

Island Krk was supposed to be our largest island, but recent measurements supposedly show that the neighbouring island of Cres is of the same area - 405.78 km2 (can it be, to the square centimetre?!). They are located near Rijeka in the Bay of Kvarner, North Adriatic.
Krk  has been inhabited without interruption since the Neolithic age. Its located rather near the mainland and has been connected to it via a 1430m two-arch concrete bridge since 1980, one of the longest concrete bridges in the world. Baška is a settlement on the island, a cultural and historical centre famous for its inscribed stone monument from 1100 and a hundred-year tradition in tourism. Nearby Jurandvor is the place where Baška tablet was discovered by scholars in 1851 - its one of the first monuments containing an inscription in the Croatian language, written in the Glagolitic script.
This was/is one of the most important lessons we learn in school :)
My sister went there on a trip with her family (there are many of her postcards yet to be shown here!) and to the serious subject of Croatian history she added this cool postcard :))

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