21. 10. 2012.

Croatian Ships

Today's theme for Veridian's Sunday Stamps #93 are ships of all kind - as it happens i have two covers with ships, and have posted them already on my other blog..! So, to come up with something fresh, I've found this postcard & stamp on the blog's waiting list :) The postcard shows the fishing boat in the harbour of the Adriatic harbour Zadar; the stamp is from a set of 9 issued in 1998 showing Boats of Croatia (I have the sheet but no scanner :( ). This particular boat is called Bracera, the coastal cargo sailing-vessel 12 to 17 metres in length,  shows the perfection of form of a small boat, achieved in the course of a thousand-year-long evolution.

The other stamps showing ships are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and British Virgin Islands. I hope I have managed to fulfill the assignment to some extent xD

If you find these weekly assignments fun and want to join, or just check some of the finest selections of stamps by bloggers, feel free to visit Viridian's blog :)

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  1. Some nice sailing ships. The Bracera looks like a really old design.

  2. hello from another big Postcrossing fan :D

  3. I like to see the ships with their sales billowing!

  4. The BVI stamp looks like it should have pirates on them. :-)
    thank you for participating!

  5. HMS Victory on the British Virgin Island stamp is magnificent.