16. 10. 2012.

Only Fools And Horses

I never thought I'd find a postcard of one of my favourite TV shows, let alone I'd find it in Belgrade! We were browsing the bookshops on the main street, many didnt have any postcards but this one had an odd selection, to my utter joy :)))
Only Fools and Horses is a British sitcom, created and written by John Sullivan, with seven series originally broadcasted on BBC One in the UK between 1981 and 1991, with sporadic Christmas specials until 2003. It is set in Peckham in south London, with unforgettable characters Derek "Del Boy" Trotter and his younger brother Rodney, who constantly  go through futile attempts to become millionaires through questionable schemes. One of my favourite reccuring characters is Trigger, not the smartest but (or because) a constant source of giggles.
Happy Agi! :))

2 komentara:

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! i ja bi jednu!! gde si je tačno našla? :)

  2. uff anchi, nisan ti ja od dobre memorije...rekla bi da je u centru, ali bolje pitaj natu ona je ostroumnija ;))