27. 10. 2012.

Santo Antão, Cabo Verde

Santo Antão, or Sontonton in Cape Verdean Creole, is the westernmost and largest of the Barlavento islands of Cape Verde; second largest in the country. The island is entirely made up of volcanic material -  the tallest mountain is Topo de Coroa, reaching a height of 1,979 m. The main product on the island is a kind of rum known as grogue. The exportation of many of the island's agriculture products to other islands has been prohibited for nearly two decades because of the millipede blight, but tourism is becoming one of its most dominant industries.
What a gorgeous bird stamp! As I was looking thru my stamps for this week's Sunday Stamps I've realised I would have trouble if birds were the topic, as I have so many. On the other hand, this week's topic is giving me trouble...This time thanks go to Gilles :))

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