22. 10. 2012.

Lourdes, France

This is a nightview of the Basilica of our Lady of the Rosary within the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, consecrated in 1901 and with a capacity for 1500 worshippers.
The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes or the Domain is an area of ground surrounding the Catholic shrine (Grotto) to Our Lady of Lourdes; it is a destination for pilgrimage, where sick pilgrims are reputed to be miraculously healed by holy water. It is a site where, starting on 11 February 1858, a 14-year old peasant girl called Bernadette Soubirous claimed to have experienced a series of apparitions of a girl dressed in white and with a blue belt around her waist, who eventually introduced herself as the Immaculate Conception.
A colleague of mine went on a pilgrimage a few weeks ago, as did some other aquaintances and relatives. My mum wishes to go and I should really work towards making that wish come true...she was always inspired by the life story of the little Bernadette. This postcard was sent by a school friend. I like the cancellations and the stamp showing the 21st President of the French Republic, François Mitterrand. Sadly the post seems to be 'improving' by simplifying everything...

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