21. 10. 2012.

An Envelope Of Joy, Indonesia

At first I was puzzled to have received an envelope fron Indonesia, cos I was expecting postcards from Shinta, and she knows I like them written & stamped...and when I opened it, I couldn't but gasp in amazement, cos she sent me all three cards with stamps and cancellations! To top it all, she added a folding card that I had in my favs, and the gorgeous portrait of the happy old Javanese couple which never arrived for a tag. Shinta is such a great postcrosser, and its a shame that her postcards get lost on the way cos she puts so much love into writing them...I guess her and Ana would have to compete for the neatest handwriting :P
I dont know what the painting on the folding card shows exactly, but its colourful and vibrant and I love it :) The next two cards show the traditional farming of the Indonesian islands - transplanting rice, and picking teas. The last is a detailed Unesco view, reliefs of the Borobudur Temple.
The last item is a beautiful intricate bookmark which I will keep sealed to keep it safe :)
Thank you so much Shinta! Btw do you use fragrant pen? ;)))

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