20. 05. 2013.

Views Of The Azores



I was home this last week and got some great mail - here sent by my friend who sailed to the Azores, a Portuguese archipelago composed of nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, and located about 1500 km west of Lisbon and about 1900 km southeast of Newfoundland.
The view cards show:
*Montanha do Pico, a stratovolcano which is the tallest mountain in Portugal. Thank you wikipedia for making me realise that Pico Island vineyards are on the Unesco list - or rather that its the part of the Azores :) though this wouldnt qualify...so close!
*Poço da Alagoinha on Flores Island (and phoa this wasnt so easy to find) also known as Lagoa dos Patos, a permanent puddle under a waterfall. So lush!
*Sperm-whale at the south coast of São Miguel Island.
*Hot springs (caldeiras) on São Miguel
Love the variety of postcards and stamps, and there is more to show...
Sent from Horta on Faial island, a primary stop for yachts crossing the Atlantic.

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  1. Wonderful set of cards and I especially love the whale postcard!!

  2. The Azores are wonderful. I've only been there once and only to one of the islands - Terceira. I'm looking foward to visit the other islands.

  3. I wonder if you have received my postcard from Pico's vineyards... I hope so!