10. 05. 2013.

Fresh Figs


Mmmmmmmmmmmm...yum :) I am looking forward to august just for the fresh figs in our garden, one of my favourite fruits. Thank you for this swap Regina :)
And now I learn that this common fig is a species of Ficus genus, go figure..! I've never thought of ficus and figs in correlation before. The common fig fruit is called syconium and is rich in vitamines (esp B) and anti-oxidants.

2 komentara:

  1. Although the loook yummie...I'm not really fond of figs.
    I never seen them fresh in a garden here.(don't think our climate is warm enough)

  2. Figs are my favorite fruit!! In my grandma's old farm there were a few fig trees and i loved to pick them directly from the tree and eat them....