05. 05. 2013.

People Of Tibet

As the last post for Sunday Stamps #121: Stamps from China I add two portraits of people from Tibet - a young girl in the snowy mountains, and a representation of folklore. I couldnt find anything on the latter but I will do more extensive research as this costume looks very interesting...
I was thrilled to see this many stamps on the back: the 1st is from a set of four Historic Relics of Macao issued in 1997 and shows the Ruins of St. Paul's, which are in some way hauntingly beautiful...The other two scenic stamps are two from a set of four showing Shennongjia Forestry District.
All my posts today are dedicated to China in case you are interested ;)
And here you can see some really gorgeous Chinese stamps, honest! Just click the links :)


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  1. oooh, I have that first stamp - so thank you for saying what it is. now I will do some more research!
    I haven't seen any Tibetan cards - how lucky for you.

  2. Lovely stamps .... And more I have not seen before! Thank you for joining in this week.

  3. Lovely, especially the wildlife and the scenic stamps.

  4. I've enjoyed the trip to all parts of China in your many posts. Great stamps and cards, especially the Tibet costumes, that second one looks like some sort of ceremony. I've got the Taiwan card too, I'd like to take a trip on that little train.