28. 02. 2018.

Moroccan Man On A Donkey

From the Canaries across to Morocco - and since I haven't been on the Moroccan coast before, I was excited about this more exotic spot of the cruise..! Very much resort-like, you could almost forget you are in a different culture - until you start getting catcalled by, well,  teenagers. I had a chat with one of them, asking if his plan to lure western women ever works, and he was laughing at himself so we parted amiably.  I found a tucked-away souvenir shop with a small range of postcards (and stamps!) and very friendly staff who also directed me to the closest mailbox. Let me just say it was a lovely sunny warm day and the beach in Agadir is endless, walking in the sand and listening to the ocean waves felt very soothing after all the business and noisiness on board...a welcome distraction :)

4 komentara:

  1. Not just western women. They do worse to Moroccan women :(

    1. sorry to hear that :( my first visit to morocco was on my own and i'd for sure prefer company if i ever go back (i sure would love to!)

    2. I don't ant to give you a wrong image. I've been living in Morocco for six years now, and I don't have such problems at all. And I'm not a rare case, of course! In the North, when I live, things are quite different. Not that you can't encounter any silly men, they exist too, alas. But not such a degree of continuous silliness. I hope you enjoy more next time!

    3. no worries, my first time was actually many years ago and because of my experiences back then i am used to such kind of attention - i'd just prefer to minimise it in the future :D