18. 02. 2018.

A Little Between-Note

What I have been posting lately are posties that I've managed to scan before I left my penultimate job, and that was a while ago...in the early autumn of 2016. I was running out of stock, when I got hold of a scanner, and am having a bit of a task ahead :)
If I want to do it chronologically - there was an awesome trip to the Caucasus, then some postcards I've managed to send while working on a cruise ship, and some lovely surprises that arrived while I was away (mainly thanks to my two good fairies, Bryon and Ana :)) Now doing my cruise thing chronologically may take a bit of effort...but I have the official schedule someplace which should help. One thing (or two) that I've noticed is that I've often used self-adhesive stamps (usually there was no time to go to the post office, or it wasn't handy to get there, and the souvenir shops are fond of self-adhesives), and those generally tend not to be cancelled. Major boo :( Still, better than nothing? :) Also, I've noticed that I've sent plenty during the first cruise, but figured out as I went that its just not sustainable...Anyways, here is where I've been lately :)

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