07. 09. 2012.

Official - Princezna Hyacinta, Mucha


The lithograph (1911) was printed to advertise Princezna Hyacinta, a fairy tale ballet and pantomime by Ladislav Novák and Oskar Nedbal, an acclaimed Czech violinist.
The fairy tale follows a blacksmith who dreams that his daughter is a princess kidnapped by a sorcerer. In the design you can see hearts, the blacksmith's tools, a crown and instruments of sorcery all referring to the plot. The motif of the hyacinth is used throughout the design, from the embroidered robes to the silver jewellery as well as in the circular object held by the princess.

Its been a long while since I've received a Mucha, and this wonderful surprise arrived from Taiwan, accompanied with great stamps. Thank you Apple! :)

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  1. malo me zbuni ovo Muča al iz Tajvana...nekako mi čudno kad iz Azije se jave ovakve razglednice...al super je!