29. 09. 2012.

Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, Israel

Mea Shearim ("hundred gates") is one of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem, populated mainly by Haredi Jews - the most conservative in Orthodox Judaism. Life there revolves around strict adherence to Jewish law, prayer, and the study of Jewish texts. At every entrance to Mea Shearim there are posters in Hebrew and English asking all women and girls to wear what is deemed to be modest dress, and during the Shabbat visitors should refrain from smoking, photography, driving or use of mobile phones.
Back in the days when I was more into tags, on one of the rare occasions I was able to tag in 'favourites tag', I was tagged by Debora who sent me this great card with absolutely wonderful stamps, and yay there is a cancellation too! Most of my postcards from there don't have them...many many thanks! :))

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