26. 09. 2012.

Emperor's Mosque, Sarajevo, BiH

The Emperor's Mosque (Careva Džamija) was built in 1457, and as such is the first mosque to be built after the Ottoman conquest of Bosnia. Considered one of the most beautiful mosques of the Ottoman period in the Balkans, the mosque features a roomy interior and high quality decorative details. Most of its splendour is owed to Suleyman the Lawgiver, one of the most renowned Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, who rebuilt it in 1565 after a great devastation.
Sarajevo - unique symbol of universal multiculture - continual open city is on the Unesco tentative list for 15 years now, and to be frank I am greatly surprised its not already on the main Unesco list! Its such a magnificant city with rich and turbulent history.

Whats also magnificant about this postcard are the stamps used - issued by Hrvatska Pošta Mostar, one of three companies responsible for postal service in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These two are from the set of four issued in 2006 representing native birds, in this case the Great Crested Grebe and the Hoopoe. Gorgeous creatures! And special thanks to Goge :)))

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