07. 06. 2012.

UNESCO - Yellowstone NP, USA

Yellowstone National Park is believed to be the oldest national park in the world ((1872). It is mostly situated in the state of Wyoming, and for a small part in Montana and Idaho. The most recognisable images are those of the Old Faithful Geyser and bison herds, but the park is so vast that many many more natural features can be found there - lakes, waterfalls, forests, hot springs, endangered and threatened species...
This postcard shows the Mammoth Hot Springs; the colours represent a variety of bacterial algae that survive at various water temperatures :)

I love the special cancellations! Thank you Kate - i hope you had a great time on your road trip :))
Something I'd love to do one day. I suppose it would take months to see all the treasures of the american natural scenery...!

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