06. 06. 2012.

New Zealand - Native Animals

Two absolutely gorgeous animal cards from Adrienne!
Such a strange and unique bird, the kiwi. I still remember seeing it in a zoo in Germany as a kid - it was the most exciting experience of the day-trip. We had to enter a dark hallway, and were told there is only a slight chance we'll actually see one. And there it was, so outworldly and cute <3
Tuatara is actually not a lizard, but a part of a separate distinctive lineage...which flourished some 200 million years ago. Wow. The average life span is 60 years, but they can live to be over 100 y.o. Needless to say, its an endemic species of New Zealand, as well as the kiwi. What an amazing place to watch wiildlife..!!

Thank you so much Adrienne, and for the round kiwi stamps :)))

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