05. 06. 2012.

UNESCO - Versailles, France

The Hall Of Mirrors is the central gallery of the Palace Of Versailles, the grand royal castle made the centre of political power in the 17th century by The Sun King Louis XIV.

Sent by Ulla, who also used the gorgeous the lovely Le Puy-en-Valey stamp, thank you :)

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  1. I have been to the Mont Saint Michel (amazing place, it's in my 'département' so not too far (just a rather long drive, especially since the day I went with my parents it was scorching hot, which is not the usual temperature for the region let me tell you ^^ I'm a Norman, and I just love it, we have amazing landscapes there, hope you'll have a look for yourself one day ;)
    Also, I have the second postcard (have had the chance to go to Versailles, and also Herrenchiemsee in Bavaria, Germany, which has a sort of bigger 'replica' of the Galerie des glaces.
    Debecca (got the link to your blog on your postcrossing lottery, congrats again!)