22. 06. 2012.

Red Panda, China

Though sharing a name with the more commonly recognised Panda, the two species are actually not members of the same family - while Panda belongs to family Ursidae (bears), this cute creature is a sole extanct example of its family Ailuridae; and to have a better idea of it, in superfamily Musteloidea (whose other 'representatives' are weasels and raccoons).
The Red Panda is endemic to the temperate forests of the Himalayas and are specialised as bamboo feeders; as a solitary animal that is sedentary (a new word for me! meaning 'mainly inactive') during the day it is like my soulmate in the animal kingdom :D :D
Big 'Thank You' goes to cream, who also used a lovely pheasant stamp :)

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  1. i always like cute appearance of animals, and this card show how cute the red panda,