11. 06. 2012.

Mauritius - Map Card

I have a dozen of scanned cards ready to be 'blogged', but i have ingeniously managed to misplace the cards so i can't write about them properly :/ BUT! here with me i also have a pile of great postcards received during the last week, 'sent' to me from home (so carefully packed by mum) to workplace :) Now i will check if scanning and posting them one by one has more sense heh.

First in a row, an excellent map card from dear Samuel :) After a looong while I have arranged private swaps via facebook, as i felt some changes had to be made in my routine...you know, when you feel like you've been doing pretty much the same thing for ages. Thinking of Mauritius brings my mind to the dream-like coastline and beaches...Thank you Sami :))

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