08. 06. 2012.

UNESCO - Aquileia, Italy

Aquileia is an ancient Roman City situated at the head of the Adriatic, and is believed to be one of the biggest and wealthiest cities of the early Roman Empire (founded in the 2nd cent. BC). Its main site is a flat-roofed basilica from the 11th century, built on the site of an earlier church - the pavement  mosaics date from the 4th century. This one shows a pair of peacocks (curiously, the back of the card calls them 'peachens' xD).
I would also love to have a card showing the basilica - how complicated collecting Unesco cards can be, cos there are many different wonderful aspects of a certain site. I may need to re-write my list...
However, I do love this mosaic detail - hvala Tina! x

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