28. 03. 2018.

UNESCO - Le Havre, The City Rebuilt By Auguste Perret

The city of Le Havre, on the English Channel in Normandy, was severely bombed during the Second World War. The destroyed area was rebuilt according to the plan of a team headed by Auguste Perret, from 1945 to 1964. It is exceptional among many reconstructed cities for its unity and integrity; it combines a reflection of the earlier pattern of the town and its extant historic structures with the new ideas of town planning and construction technology.

I had the morning off in Le Havre - the tours were a few, gangway totally non-picturesque, and the ship close enough to the town centre so you don't have to worry too much about time restrictions. Plus a new place and a whs, perfect! As a fan of interesting architecture I had a sort of a 'field day', and going to France was always a bit more special as French ports were not that often on the list, AND were most prone to being cancelled due to weather. So altogether a big yay here :) (also perhaps an interesting momentum with cancellations, as there is an extra one next to the standard mechanised one, though I cannot make out the letters...)

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