23. 03. 2018.

Le Charme à la Française

I am curious about myself right now, and the reasons why I've chosen to send this postcard from Monaco...my guess is (as my memory does the usual fail) that the view cards were similar to what I already have. I do remember the little cute shop though, and other sweet things they were selling - I ended up with a lavender soap souvenir in a kitty box :) 
I was in Monaco once before but suuuch a long time ago, it was the high-school excursion and we stopped there on our way to Barcelona. Needless to say it was all new to me...It is possible we didn't venture to the old town back then as we were in the Casino Monte Carlo area; this time I only walked around the old town. Let me see if I have any interesting photos to show...Oh yes this place was positively surprising, the sea side of the Oceanographic Museum:

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