29. 03. 2018.

Naveta d'Es Tudons, Menorca

The Naveta d'Es Tudons (literally 'nave of the woodpigeons') is the most remarkable megalithic chamber tomb in the Balearic island of Menorca, Spain. It is located in the Western part of the island, approximately 3 miles out from Ciutadella. Navetas  are chronologically pre-Talaiotic constructions; this is a funerary naveta that served as collective ossuary between 1200 and 750 BC.

Now if I only knew this place is so close to town...I mean it was totally walkable. I had an early gangway - set off with first tender in pitch dark, and the ride did take a while so I witnessed the sunrise once in situ. The thing about having gangway while tendering - it takes too darn long to go back to the ship to change clothes and back again, so you end up walking around in your uniform. Ugh. On few occasions gangway was the only way to get off board, so yeah. You take what you get..! My postcard said 'finally someplace new!' but it wasn't only that, new (for me) was also the postal system by - Swiss Post? Got these self-adhesive stamps in a souvenir shop, got a special mailbox there to mail them too, and I just wondered if these (this and the donkey one coming next) will even arrive...I mean it IS the Swiss, they are always effective, right..?! (I was still remembering the unsuccessful try with 'special post' in Barcelona, those never arrived :/) Anyways, they're here, yuppie.

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