10. 03. 2018.

2nd Caribbean Cruise Itinerary

Yep, we went to the Caribbean twice, yay. I know I never would have ventured to this part of the world if it wasn't for the cruise ship job, for that I am grateful. Plus, because I was working as a photographer, I had (for some time) a decent equipment at my disposal. This voyage was shorter than the last one, encompassing two Azores ports and five Caribbean ports. In short ( I mean as short as it gets with me heh):

22nd March Praia da Vitoria once more; though this time with a tour, and no less than visiting a WHS site Angra do Heroísmo. 
28th after five (!) sea days we come to Bassetere in St Kitts and Nevis, the only place with postcards sent. Will have one more post about it :)
29th Philipsburg in Sint Maarten, with the famous Maho Beach known for planes flying very low over it. I was on a tour sailing on a tall ship Mercedes and could only see this from afar. 
30th St John's Antigua, and another WHS tour, to Nelson's Dockyard and some associated sites. The town centre is pretty much a huge shopping mall in the open.
31st Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique. Just hanging on a local beach with more iguanas around than people lol. Lots of peeps hired boats to nearby more popular beaches. Again I can't be bothered, when beaches are in question...
1st of April is just hanging around the port area in Barbados, it was a hot day for a longish walk into town that I've already been to. Shame really, I should have done more photos.
7th (and again after five looong sea days) a walk around Ponta Delgada in the Azores.

Hmm I think I have been fairly brief here after all! On to a few postcards that I've managed to send. I remember not having time in Sint Maarten, having low budget in Antigua, and not being properly in town in Martinique. 

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