22. 03. 2018.

Kirkwall, Orkney

We were in Kirkwall twice last summer, yay. The first time was a tour and a walk around town, and I have absolutely no record of the second time - must have stayed on board. I was told before going on the ship I'll be so tired on some days I'll just skip ports and stay in bed and/or do chores; I did think it almost impossible at the time, but here it is...I did want to see the Heart of Neolithic Orkney but those tours were always taken. Can't complain about my first tour though, and I think the photo will tell you why ;) Kirkwall was also the place of another great cat encounter - I'd even say it was the start of a streak of such encounters going up north. I don't think I'll be able to refrain from posting some photos lol

(Oh and while in Kirkwall I peeked into the local museum and saw a guy working there stamping something for a kid, I asked could I get the same, the man just gave me a 'really, how old are you dear?' look heh)

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