08. 03. 2018.

Aurora Borealis - The Northern Lights In Norway

During the 1st Norway cruise we saw the Northern Lights peeking through the clouds, and only on one of the two nights. the rest was just enjoying the snow and anticipation. The second time around (phew!) it was the real deal, on the 12th of Feb I saw them sprawling across the sky; once they made a continuous streak all the way across the sky, and that's when you do the unstoppable exhilarated 'Woooow' :)
The place where we went for the search of the lights (where all the tours went) was pretty amazing too, there were open fires, tents, delicious home-made cakes and hot cocoa, plus a huge friendly and superfluffy samoyed :D They were actually two different spots but I am unable to retrogradely work out where exactly. In any case Alta is situated at 69°N
which is north of the Arctic Circle so yea pretty cool - in more ways than one :)

Oh yes the stamp was just issued, so I couldn't match it to the cathedral postcard 
which was sent two weeks before, the timing..!

Why not show one of my photos here...taking photos of the Northern Lights requires 
patience and knowing the approximate settings beforehand...which I already forgot lol.
My photos turned out a bit too bright anyway, and I was struggling with a broken tripod,
but here is one...(at one point I realised the lens is frozen on edges lol)

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  1. After reading about all those amazing places you've been I was already a bit *jealous*... but seeing the Northern Lights must be magical!! Love your photoツ